A sworn translation is one that is performed by a sworn translator-interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), who signs and seals the translation validating it with a certification regulated by law, and it is delivered ​​on printed paper. A scanned version of it can also be forwarded.

When is a sworn translation required? Sworn translations are usually required for official and legal procedures, such as registers, notaries, academic procedures, courts of law, etc.

The document type can be of different nature: degrees and diplomas, academic transcripts, identity documents, certificates (birth, marriage, registries, banking, etc.), deeds, powers of attorney, legal briefs, legal claims, contracts, wills, financial statements, reports, or any other document that needs to be certified.

Sworn translations will be printed and sealed and sent by certified mail.

Legal translations are those that although being in the legal field, do not require certification by a sworn translator. These can be public or private documents. They are usually delivered by email. The type of document type can be of different nature: contracts (labour, sales, etc.), legal claims and judgements, notarial deeds of all kinds, minutes, letters, insurance policies, expert reports, and a very long etc.

It is essential that the translation is performed by a native professional with extensive experience in the speciality area, and with great ability to capture the spirit and strength of the original documents into the target language.

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