The services we offer are: Specialized translation, Sworn (certified) translation and Proofreading/Editing, from and into UK and US English and International Spanish.

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Specialised Translations

We translate all types of documents in the following areas of expertise: legal, economic-financial and commercial, scientific (medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, etc.), technical (computer science, engineering, mechanics, automotive, banking, etc.), humanities (tourism, social, etc.).

The documents to be translated should be provided to the translator in an attached email document, and translation thereof shall be delivered to the customer in the same format, unless specifically requested otherwise by the customer.

Sworn Translations

We can provide the sworn translation of any type of document required by the customer, and for which a certification by a sworn translator is required for official and legal procedures, such as registers, notaries, academic procedures, courts, etc.

The document type can be of different nature: degrees and diplomas, academic transcripts, identity documents, certificates (birth, marriage, registries, banking, etc.), deeds, powers of attorney, legal briefs, legal claims, contracts, wills, financial statements, reports, or any other document that needs to be certified.

The documents to be translated will be provided to the translator in an attachment by email, and translation thereof shall be delivered to the customer by certified post, unless the customer specifically requests delivery by courier or otherwise.

Proofreading / Sworn Proofreading

Proofreading / Editing of a bilingual format document or of a document in the target language directly.

Sworn translations are also provided for translations made by translators who are not Sworn.

Other languages

Translations are also made in other language combinations ​​on request.

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