Legal and Sworn
Translations made by a translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.
All types of legal documents for which you may or may nor require the certificate of a sworn translator.
Contracts and Deeds
Lawsuits and Judgements
Academic documents
Policies and Certificates
Reports and Sentences
General Terms and Conditions
Articles of Association
Insurance and Forensic documents
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Medical, pharmaceutical, biology, environment, chemical and healthcare industries.
These require a broad knowledge of scientific terminology for very specific areas of expertise.
Clinical trials
Prospects and Cosmetic compositions
Medical products
Specific websites
Research studies
Dental/Environmental Reports
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Information Technology, Engineering, Environment, Mechanics, Automobile, Maritime, Petrol, etc.
Translations requiring specialized technical expertise in the terminology of the different industries.
Prevention of occupational risks
User manuals
Emergency plans
Expert reports
Audit of Manufacturing Plants
Forensic Inspections
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Business and Financial
Financial, Economic, Business, Commercial, Stock-Exchange, Foreign Exchange, Investment Banking, etc.
Translations for companies who seek excellency in their in-house or external business communication.
Annual Accounts
Due Dilligence
Financial and commercial reports
Contracts and letters
Conferences and summits
Financial websites
Bank documentation
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